Bridging The IT Skills Gap With Tailored Apprenticeships

As technology continues to rapidly advance, there is a constant requirement to reassess skills, training and recruitment in order to adapt to changing demands. With demand now substantially higher than supply, the future of the tech industry hangs in the balance.

With an evident mismatch between what is taught in schools or universities and what businesses in the tech sector actually require, businesses must look beyond the graduate pool. Instead, focusing on the creation of wider training programmes could provide a real solution.

This is exactly what Wolf Group’s Managing Director Marc Fowler decided to develop in 2013. The Wolf Academy is a training initiative offering apprenticeships in an environment where candidates have the opportunity to work in a real IT environment, with senior developers whilst working on live client projects and immersing themselves in the industry.

By training apprentices on the job, employers, like ourselves, can tailor a programme to meet the specific needs of the business. By doing this, it means that by the time apprentices reach the end of the programme, they’ve developed the skills and knowledge which gives them the potential to become a valuable asset to the team while the business fills a skills gap and grows their team.

At Wolf Group, we select high calibre candidates who demonstrate strong logic skills and most importantly, show a genuine interest in IT. We now have six previous apprentices who have joined the team as developers on the in house team, or on site with Wolf Group’s long term clients.

We also currently have an apprenticeship cohort of five, including two females. These recent candidates were selected to join the programme based on their passion for IT, their identifiable logic skills and an aptitude to thrive in a technical role.

Although our apprenticeship programme is a popular and successful part of our Academy, it is not the only opportunity available to those looking to pursue a career in IT. We also offer volunteer training, giving people an opportunity to gain experience, develop their IT skill set and improve their employability. Volunteer training is suitable for graduates, those looking to upskill or for individuals considering a career change.

For more information about the Wolf Academy, visit the Academy page or Get In Touch.

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