Breaking Boundaries Whilst Cutting Costs

Mention outsourcing to corporate IT managers and reactions will be varied. The majority are aware of the potential opportunities yet view it as a change that’s good for the bottom line but potentially causes disruption to the status quo.

It seems a lot of perceptions of outsourcing are outdated. Many have failed to notice how the radical IT outsourcing approaches have evolved into more flexible ways of delivering projects or project components.

The main reason for the rise in software development outsourcing is the availability of skills. Although opinions may differ about whether there is an actual skills crisis, few disagree that finding, recruiting and retaining skilled staff is a huge challenge caused by increasing market rates and demand outstripping supply. Recruiting full time, permanent developers and such has become a costly process.

Outsourcing’s bad reputation comes from the outdated suspicion that you’ll arrive at the office one day to find that all work has been moved overseas to save the company money. However, organisations have become more wary of such dramatic changes and instead, choose approaches which are part of a wider business transformation strategy.

Using a dynamic approach to outsourcing, with flexible options across the entire process, means the ability to reach new horizons has no boundaries. Use a resource as and when you need it to ensure you can always say yes to a project.

In large organisations, things can sometimes run slower in comparison to smaller businesses, leading to the thought that they need IT to speed up processes and make faster decisions. The value of innovation however, runs deeper than this. Innovation does not depend on size or speed, but on intelligence and skill.

The problem with achieving innovation is having enough time and focus to invest in it. Freeing up time through outsourcing, means internal resources can focus more on engaging with their strategic innovations.

Working both from our premises and those of our clients, Wolf Group’s programmers and test team take the pressure off. Providing a short or longer term solution to your technical requirements across almost any element of the software lifecycle.

To discuss using a cost effective flexible resource for your next project, Get In Touch today and speak with our expert team.

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