Technology To Reach New Heights In 2018

Businesses and society will see technology reach new heights this year, and it will impact every business. A new era is upon us, a golden era […]

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New Year Website Workout

Join the gym, visit a new country, be more organised. The resolutions most of us make every year, whether we stick to them or not. We […]

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Tech Trends That Shaped 2017

This year has been another of technological progress which continues to transform the way we live, work and communicate. Internet of Things The internet of things […]

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Achieving An Engaging Mobile App

There are a number of things you should consider to ensure that your app will be a success with your end users. App Design Firstly, your […]

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Just What Is Machine Learning?

First of all, it’s not as new as most think. It’s actually been used in tech for many years and the term was invented around 1959 […]

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UK Gov Looks to Embrace Opportunities in Technological Change

The government has identified 4 ‘Grand Challenges’, trends which will shape our rapidly changing future and which the UK must embrace to ensure we harness all […]

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Managing Major Change In Business

All businesses go through phases which involve major change of some sort. These changes may be in business models, infrastructure, product delivery or adapting to shifts […]

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Improving Company Culture With The Help Of Software

Company culture is crucial in the long-term success of your business. Staff retention, productivity, collaboration and job satisfaction all make up a healthy business and stem […]

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Achieving More With A Functional Website

Building a website can become a much bigger project than first predicted. As well as requiring a great deal of resource, the challenge for many, starts […]

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Using Software To Get Ahead Of The Competition

There are two principle ways organisations can make themselves competitive. You may differentiate with a unique market proposition, or you could be the same on the […]

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Has Your Business Outgrown Spreadsheets?

You’ve probably been there before, in a fog of pivot tables, pie charts and not forgetting that dreaded hourglass as formulas and data are calculated and […]

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Six Things Every Landing Page Must Have Or Do

You should think of your homepage as your shop window. It is the page most presented by search engines so you should ensure a strong, well […]

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