Software Testing Newcastle

Reacting to client demand quick enough?

Decision makers in the North East are opening up to a new approach to adapt to the challenges and dynamics of the region’s business community. One […]

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Wolf Group 2016

An Outlook On 2016: Peace Of Mind In The Security Of Supply

For a firm that’s been around for almost two decades, there’s nothing old-school to the approach Wolf Group is taking to bringing innovation to the North […]

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CTO Barry Davison

Staff Spotlight: 60 seconds with Barry Davison

This month we give the Staff Spotlight floor to a highly skilled technologist, Barry, who brings a technical perspective to Wolf Group’s senior leadership team.   […]

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Mobile Apps

Essential Apps For An Effortless Worklife

The world of small business can be challenging and often the complaint that there are ‘never enough hours in the day’ is all too common among owners […]

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Tech Jobs With The Most Growth Potential in 2016

We’re all aware of the impact technology has made over the past decade, with the North East’s tech-hub being a shining example. With the new demands […]

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Web Developer Becky Osselton

Staff Spotlight: 60 seconds with Becky Osselton

Staff Spotlight is our new blog series where we ask a member of the Wolf Group team 10 Questions in 60 Seconds to get to the bottom […]

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Waterfall vs Agile

One of the first decisions Wolf Group’s developers have to make at the beginning of each project implementation is “Which development methodology should we use?” This […]

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Software Trends 2016

Software Trends For 2016

What does the future hold for consumer and enterprise software in 2016? With the input of Wolf Group’s expert developers and DBAs we discuss the most […]

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How Can Mobile Tech Grow Your Business?

Our growing dependence on mobile devices isn’t just a consumer addiction. Businesses of all sizes are beginning to think differently about their mobile technology investments. How […]

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Senior Developer Wolf Group

Growing Demand Continues To Boost Development Team At Wolf Group

David Lester has joined bespoke software development firm, Wolf Group, as a senior developer. David, who has recently relocated to the North East from Milton Keynes, […]

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Tablet-Based Application Testing

My Week At Wolf

I am Sam, a year 10 student from Studio West, and after having spent a second week this year on work placement at Wolf group, learning […]

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IT Talent Newcastle

Retaining Talent Is Less Rocket Science, More Common Sense

If the tsunami of apprenticeship initiatives, STEM subject agendas or future growth warnings haven’t clued you in yet, the North East is suffering from a severe […]

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