Apprentices lead Wolf development project

Wolf Academy software development Timesheet

No sooner have Wolf’s apprentices completed their enterprise challenge for National Apprenticeship Week than they are being thrown in the deep end once again.

With the task of developing a new electronic time sheet system to be implemented at the Wolf Academy, the emphasis for our apprentices this Spring is practical experience!

As a software development company, to use a paper-based system as a time sheet didn’t make any sense. Wolf wanted technology to be at the core of the new system. Not only would this almost completely eliminate the chance of human error, there would also be an environmental benefit as well – printing 12 sheets of paper (624 a year) for purely writing down times is by far the least efficient method of recording working hours, hence the need for a desktop system.

Working in teams of 3 to 4 and with one project manager per team, each apprentice will be delegated a role by their project manager. They will have to acknowledge and act on that role to make sure the project doesn’t fall short on their part. Assigned tasks include aspects such as program design to programming of the back-end of the system to do the calculations of times.

The project hopes to showcase the apprentice’s current skills as well as to create something that will have tangible benefits for the Wolf Academy. For apprentices still undergoing training, we’re pretty impressed! Some of them have been here a matter of 3-4 months, yet they are already at a stage where they can contribute to the development of a system which will benefit the academy for years to come.

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Blog post by Tom McCloud


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