Apprentices Get Social!

The Wolf Academy is about much more than walking away with a qualification. It’s about experience, learning how the business environment works and discovering just how much goes into making a business successful.

In between revising for a recent exam and working towards completing their apprenticeships this year, Wolf Group’s apprentices have shown real enthusiasm and interest in the Business Improvement project set for them by Wolf Group’s CEO Allan Jeff.

Software Development Apprentices, Adam Day, Charlotte McAlpine, Daniel Mills, Rowan Baxter and Thomas Holstead, suggested a number of areas they thought were important in order to continue progression for the business. One of these was Social Media.

Currently the business and academy is promoted across a number of platforms including Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and here, on the Wolf Group blog by Wolf Groups Marketing Intern Jade, who said, “The contribution of fresh new ideas from the young team of apprentices is certainly welcomed. It’s an opportunity for both them and the business to explore new ideas, it’s also great experience for them at such an early stage of their careers.”

The group proposed that Wolf Group should consider creating an Instagram account. The business does not currently use Instagram as previously, it’s been assumed that if your business doesn’t have a tangible product that you can photograph, then it’s not the platform for you.

However, after the apprentices carried out research on the social media site, it appears that there is definitely ways the business could use Instagram, whether it’s B2B like our existing accounts or a more internal platform, used to contribute to our company culture, sharing photos of staff members, events and the office environment.

Also, Instagram -which is owned by Facebook- recently announced that it would be introducing new tools which would make the platform more useful for business. Additions include, adverts, analytics and a contact button. As the majority of businesses would agree, these options certainly make Instagram more appealing to companies and organisations.

Adam, Charlotte and Rowan have also attended social media seminars with an expert in the region, gaining an insight into how Twitter and Facebook can be used for business.

Apprentice Rowan Baxter said, “This project has been a great opportunity for us to get to know not only more about Wolf Group, but about the way businesses work in general and how important every element is to a company.”

“We all use social media outside of work but have only recently discovered how beneficial it can be to a business. We’ve made suggestions which will improve how we target our audience and also how we communicate together as a team. We’re looking forward to continuing the project and seeing the results.”

The team will continue to work on the Social Media project and are currently curating posts to go out across our networks, keep an eye out on all our accounts including the blog to see their progress and which topics they’ve chosen to discuss online.

If the Wolf Academy sounds like the kind of place you’d like to begin your career in IT, Get In Touch for more information or to apply.

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