Apprentices take up Mr Benn initiative to encourage younger teens into IT

Apprentice, Amy Topping, gives us a brief rundown of what’s taking place at Wolf Group over the next couple of weeks.

Over the past few days the Wolf apprentices have put academy work on hold and divided ourselves into two teams to create a presentation for the Mr Benn Project -an initiative that hopes to inspire Year 10 students and open up their minds to the opportunities available to them after they leave school. Young teens from around Newcastle who are interested in a career in ICT can see what we, at Wolf do, on a daily basis.

There are two teams, the Game Development team and the Robotic team. The Game Development team are creating a game to show the young people how easy it is to use code. Before they can play the game they must order the code (with assistance) to make the game run correctly. Once the game has been correctly created using code the teenagers will be able to play and compete against one another.

Meanwhile the Robotics Team are creating a robot using a Raspberry Pi, scripted using Python for the Year 10s to work as a team and compete in time trials around a hand built maze.

Team work is very important for the operation of the robot, as each member will have total control of only one direction and with twists and turns in the race course they really need to work together to achieve the fastest possible race-times.


Stay tuned for more developments in the coming week!


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