Advantages Of The Agile Approach

Agile is fast becoming one of the most popular approaches for software development. The agile model is built on the idea of self-organising, cross-functioning teams. The main processes include adoptive planning, evolutionary development, early delivery and continuous improvement – all which allow for rapid deployment and change.

Main advantages of Agile:

Continuous Visibility – Because Agile software is delivered in discrete, tested stages, customer satisfaction can be maintained throughout the entire project. The customer could be given a working prototype which is effectively enhanced incrementally with the new features shortlisted for each work cycle (sprint).

Continuous Testing – Testing is not an afterthought or a post project panic. Agile testing is carried out incrementally as each deliverable stage is developed, so changes can be implemented rapidly over each short term stage. This can save considerable time in the long run.

Effective Short Term Planning – Agile is focused on momentum through each short term stage. If there is a problem that holds up implementation of a feature then it can be catered for by being planned as part of the next sprint.

Rapid Delivery – Using Agile methodologies, it is possible to deliver functioning software components and solutions in a matter of weeks. As mentioned, this means testing is done progressively and any issues can be detected and resolved quickly.

Flexible Change Management – In Agile development, change happens in stages. This makes changes more easily managed and if necessary, rolled back. Working In discrete steps also means that rolling back can be done quicker and easier compared to other development strategies. Change is not considered negative in Agile.

Of course, every methodology also has its disadvantages. Teams used to using alternative systems of development may need assistance to take full advantage of Agile. Also, this methodology is not suited to inexperienced developers as it works best when equipped with skilled programmers.

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