Achieving An Engaging Mobile App

There are a number of things you should consider to ensure that your app will be a success with your end users.

App Design

Firstly, your apps design should be clean and simple. The easier it is for your users to understand and interact with the app, the higher the user retention rate will be. Minimalism is key to maintaining user’s loyalty.

Your app should reflect and mirror your main website, with the same design across both platforms. This way, users won’t be lost when they switch and will intuitively find their way around the mobile app.

Convenience is another factor which affects engagement. Navigation should be simple and clear and you must ensure that every function works. You don’t want your clients leaving the app because things don’t work how they should.

The Social Side

People like to share what they are interested in. They want their friends and followers to know what they are doing and if they are using something they find interesting. You need to ensure that they are able to share what they are doing. Add social sharing buttons and your users will do the marketing for you.

Despite peoples social nature, most still want a personalised experience so the user experience should be tailored based on past behaviours.

Retention is Key

If you want to see profit, it is a must that you allow unregistered users to checkout. You should also fit the entire checkout process into one step. The main goal is to allow users to make a payment quickly rather than making them answer unnecessary questions.

Also, for every question a customer has, there should be an answer available straight away. Listing a phone number or integrating a live chat will make you available for inquiries as they come.

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