Academy Success Story

A member of the Wolf Academy has secured a position with the NHS Trust upon completing software development training with Wolf Group.

Developer Becky joined the Academy around a year ago to enhance some of her skills and knowledge, combining them with her existing experience and skill set. Becky was given the opportunity to be involved in real client projects, giving her the chance to use and expand her skills.

During her time at Wolf Group, Becky was keen to encourage more females into IT, contributing to our Women in IT blog series last month with some great advice for other women who may be thinking about beginning a career in the industry.

As technology constantly evolves, the Wolf Academy provides an opportunity for people with varying levels of experience to upskill, learn new programming languages and gain further knowledge, ensuring developers have up to date skills to match the ever changing industry.

Becky said, “I came to Wolf about a year ago after redundancy from a previous development role. Working through the Academy materials has allowed me to expand my skill set from a predominantly open source background into Microsoft based software.  I have had the opportunity to work on live projects internally and also externally for clients through the Wolf Consultancy arm of the business.”

“The Academy has a supportive atmosphere which has contributed to my success in gaining new skills and ultimately led to me gaining an exciting new development role with the NHS Trust.”

We wish Becky the best of luck with her new role and a continued successful future in the IT industry.


If you’re considering a career in IT then the Wolf Academy can help you begin or progress your journey, visit our Academy page for more information or to apply.

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