There is a massive demand for .Net and C# software developers in the North East. The number of job vacancies with good salaries and exciting prospects has never been higher.

If you are looking at your options, want to avoid sitting in a classroom and think you’d like the chance to carve out a great career in IT, The Wolf Academy is your solution.

All who attend The Wolf Academy learn to code by actually working on live projects, supported by experienced software developers and follow a unique structured programme, with tiered starting points, that are suitable for all.

The Wolf Academy is the first programme of its kind, based in the North East and launched specifically to target the accelerating demand for .NET and C# developers. The Academy is a common sense approach that creates a bespoke talent resource that matches the exacting demands of the regions CIO community and the IT industry at large.

Launched in 2013 to build a stronger and more capable software development workforce, Wolf has employed a hot house approach at its site in North Tyneside, blending traditional elements like apprenticeship frameworks with innovative peer driven training programs geared to producing fully formed work ready software developers.

Developers creating developers

At Wolf we approach IT training a little differently. That’s why we developed the unique PLPT delivery (Peer Led Practical Training).

PLPT draws on methods used in sport, industry and education that are specifically targeted at developing skills. Learning to be a Software Developer requires practice and lots of it, of course understanding theory and process is important but doing so without limiting creativity is vital. The Wolf Academy approach fosters a team based approach to building practical skills, in a work based environment centred around collaboration and sharing of experience.


The Wolf Academy’s software development apprenticeship programme is one of the most innovative in the UK. We believe that Wolf’s unique approach to learning coupled with our offering of real-world projects and practical work experience makes us the stand out choice in the North East.

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Become a .Net/C# developer

Gaining skills that will last you a lifetime is important at any age. Wolf provide professionals, graduates and the unemployed with opportunities to gain IT training in a genuine, software development environment.

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Business Services

Wolf’s elastic department services allow businesses to utilise our talent as and when needed without the time and cost implications of employing staff full-time. Have a development project you think our apprentices could get involved with?

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Corporate Social Responsibility

Wolf are keen to develop and nurture partnerships within business wherever possible. Could you provide a young person with a life changing opportunity?

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