A day in the life of a Graduate Marketing Assistant

Jeremy, who has been with Wolf since August 2014, gives us an insight into what he gets up to as marketing assistant.Graduate marketing assistant - Jeremy Mountain


How does your day start?

First things first, a mug of green tea, but side from this I am responding to any new emails, monitoring website analytics from the previous day and checking Google Alerts for any new media updates.


What does your average day look like?

No one day is ever the same! I can often be wearing a number of different hats – writer, researcher, event organiser, and strategist to name a few. Lately it’s the research that’s been a big priority. These research projects vary widely between keeping an eye on competitors’ activities, exploring potential topics for the following week’s blog posts or even speaking to IT pros over in Silicon Valley to gauge what’s going on in the Tech-sector abroad!

Meeting and networking with different groups of people is another regular occurrence. Lately this has involved local schools in North Tyneside to discuss collaboration opportunities between themselves and our IT training initiative, the Wolf Academy.

On a once a month basis I will also meet with our marketing agency to discuss overall strategy and direction moving forward. As a result much of my regular weekly work load stems from our top level marketing plan that I produce for the marketing agency each time we meet.


What projects are you currently working on?

Currently at Wolf we are looking to develop far stronger relationships with local schools, both from a CSR point of view and also to develop a talent pool from which to grow the Wolf Academy. This project will see Wolf going into schools to raise awareness of the opportunities, within the Tech-sector, available to teenagers. Therefore it’s been my job to first of all network with the appropriate people, and then to develop a package that we can pitch to these people which is mutually beneficial to all involved.

Another project we are just days from launching is our email marketing campaign. Using material from our blog I am in the process of perfecting a monthly newsletter, produced on Mail Chimp, which will go out to our steadily growing subscriber database. The E-newsletter will combine some of the month’s most popular blog posts and topics, yet also provide our audience with more personal ‘behind the scenes’ access to Wolf and the people who work here.


What are your main responsibilities?

My responsibilities include developing and maintaining the company website. This includes keeping the blog ticking over, making sure we have quality resources available to website visitors, conducting a monthly evaluation of the effectiveness of the site and liaising with our web designer to iron out any problems or bring new online features to life.

Creating a greater public awareness and perception of Wolf Group by utilising the local media is another main role. Coming up with news stories, developing press releases and pitching stories to journalists and news desks all come under my PR roles within Wolf.

I’m also responsible for our social media across Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and Google+. Using tools such as Hootsuite, an events diary and our editorial calendar I am able to best manage and schedule our communication over these platforms.

As mentioned before I will soon also be overseeing our email marketing campaigns which are currently in development.


What skills do you need for your job?

I think that being an effective communicator and being able to relate to a wide variety of people is crucial to a role like mine. If I’m developing something like a case study for the website or a press release for media I need to be constantly asking questions to the right people to get as much information as possible. Being quiet or unapproachable won’t get you far, and even just staying on top of what’s going on with people in the office helps you to stumble across information that will often turn out to be useful, whether it’s from a PR perspective or even just a photo opportunity for social media.

Another skill I would say I use regularly is the ability to multitask. Often our managing director Marc will require some marketing material or information produced within the day. Juggling core, everyday roles in-between sudden tasks with immediate deadlines is a fairly common occurrence and something you should come to expect within a marketing position.


Why did you decide to get into marketing?

Although I completed a degree in PR at university, marketing and PR are intertwined within most, if not all jobs in the industry. It was probably my outgoing side and passion for business as a subject that first spurred my interest in this area. As I’ve mentioned being a confident communicator I felt as if marketing/PR was an area that I would both excel in and enjoy!

The opportunity for creativity within my job is almost unlimited. Now, six months into my role I would also say it’s the variety that appeals to me. From my experience whether you work in marketing for an agency with multiple clients or in-house working for one company, not one day is ever the same.


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