5 Things To Keep In Mind When Considering System Integration

If your business has acquired systems, or if your company is looking to integrate and the task has fallen to you to implement it, you’ll be aware of the potential complexity of system integration.

Any business that spends time adapting its working processes to accommodate unwieldy apps or make up for gaps in systems management, needs to take a really good look at the way IT performs throughout the company. Large organisations with big budgets, aren’t immune from the need to pull everything together on an IT level.

1. Create a strategy that includes every aspect of your IT systems, including security, networks, data and messaging. Focusing on point-to-point integration, will carry the risk of creating bigger problems in the future.

2. Remember that improvement means continual progress. If your cloud supplier decides to upgrade their platform, you may have to upgrade the application interfaces in order to keep connected to the cloud and to your own data. This shouldn’t be difficult as long as you have a plan for who is going to do the work, whether it’s in house or on outside expert.

3. Integrating legacy systems can be beneficial in terms of providing continuity and minimising the need for costly retraining. But, you’ll probably be doubling the amount of support staff for old and new systems, resulting in few cost savings.

4. If you decide to keep one company’s systems over another’s following a merger, some users will be competent and others will need to be trained, so there may be conflicting opinions on this decision.

5. If you’re tempted to keep the best of both company’s systems after an acquisition be prepared for overlapping functionality, or gaps in provision. You may end up adding new systems to the mix to compensate, increasing training time and costs, but there will be familiar and new things for everyone.

If you’re considering system integration to improve efficiency in your business processes, Get In Touch today to find out how Wolf Group can help.

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