3 Industries Set To Benefit From IT Advances In 2018

All industries are seeing some form of transformation thanks to advances in technology. This progression brings benefits in improving the way people live and work. 2018 will see even more advances in many industries including the following.

The Healthcare Industry

IT advances have been the driving force in the medical industry for quite some time now. Advances have included electronic medical filing systems and many software developments such as AMCOM software. There has also been IT advances from a medical equipment perspective in capabilities such as imaging, surgery and more.

There is also Artificial Intelligence (AI) which is predicted to transform the healthcare industry over the next decade. It will change the way people approach healthcare and conversations will be centered around ethics.

The Lifestyle Industry

All we need to do is take a look at what the top App store downloads were on Christmas day 2017 to see just how prominent the IT lifecycle industry now is. Topping the app store charts were the Google Home and Amazon Echo free apps which are used in conjunction with their smart devices. Smart homes are no longer the future, they’ve already arrived.

People are very keen to create smart networks in their home, automating as much as possible and looking for technology which helps make their daily life easier.

The Marketing Industry

IT advances have really changed the way companies approach and create their marketing plan. Companies are swapping more traditional forms of marketing such as magazine, newspaper, TV or radio ads for more digital options.

For marketers, their job has also gotten a bit easier thanks to technology. They are able to use a variety of tools that help better target their audiences. These tools help companies to be more effective which leads to greater sales and profits.

If you have recognised that it’s time your business took advantage of advances in technology, Get In Touch with our team today to discuss the benefits new software could bring.

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